Our Board

Founding member

V. Gandhi Babu, Director

Born on may 27 1968 in a small village in West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Gandhi Babu studied upto 7th class in his own native village until he first came to the Tribals areas in Khammam district for his vacation at his Grand Father's in 1982. This gave him the direct opportunity to observe the life style of the Tribal communities in Khmmam district, mostly Konda Reddy and Koya Tribal communities. Although he was inspired by the simple living standards of the Tribals staying in harmony with the nature, he was much taken up by the plight of them on the severe lack of basic amenities like enough food, water etc., not enough access to the outside world through road connectivity due to which they lack access to even the primary health care etc. After visiting some of the tribal villages and observing Tribals lifestyle from the ground level, he was not convinced to go back to his native place for his education and preferred to stay back at his Grand Father's and work for the Tribals. Thus, in the year 1982, Mr. Gandhi Babu started to work for the Tribals. Initially, he started attending many of the trainings that various local organizations and NGO's conducted on the rights and various schemes of the government for the Tribals. During the course of time, after attending several of the trainings and understanding the improvement need in several aspects of the Tribal's life, Mr. Gandhi Babu decided to start to Agriultural and Social Development Society (ASDS) which could serve as the platform for the empowerment of Tribals which fwas started it in 1985. From the year 1985 to 1991, ASDS was functioned as voluntary organization with Mr. Gandhi Babu and 2 of his local friends as the staff members without any salary support. During this period, Mr. Gandhi Babu and his colleagues focused area of work had been on prevention of forceful marriages of tribal women, getting the Tribals out of superstitious practices like witch craft etc. and also simultaneously make them socially conscious and empower about their constitutional rights as well as the other rights such as Land rights, Forest rights etc. By the year 1991, ASDS was able to stop several forceful marriages among Tribal Communities and reach some of the government schemes etc. while they also successfully released several hundreds of acres land released to the Tribals which had been exploited by the Land lords etc. Mr. Gandhi Babu had played key role in taking this kind of work along. Its after 1991, when several of other groups like DRDA, MVF etc. recognized the efforts of put up by Mr. Gandhi Babu and his colleagues that slowly ASDS as an organization started grow in terms of the number of the staff and in terms of number of works also. It has also expanded its working initiatives to Agriculture and Livelihood issues, Watershed management programmes etc. and most importantly, it has been rendering great services to the Internally displaced Triabals of Chattisghad for the past 5 years. In the above services rendered by ASDS, Mr. Gandhi Babu has been the resource and the fore front person in planning, organizing and executing to the end. 

Board Members:

Mosam Muttaiah, President

Native of Peda Mattapalli village and has concern about his community and organization.

Mrs. G. Bullemma, Vice President

She joined as employee in organization but she developed her skills in leadership and organizing her own community

Valla Krishna Reddy, Secretary

Valla Krishna Reddy belongs to native konda Reddy tribe and has been very supportive to ASDS activities since its inception

Puli Rajamma, Member

Sodi Santhamma, Member

Madakam Ramudu, Member